Munsch a Bunch of Miles for Literacy

What started as just a possibility over coffee has turned into the marriage of an important idea and the pasion to turn it into reality. Awareness of early childhood literacy as the foundation for future education has been connected with the vision to cycle for more than recreation in the Munsch a Bunch of Miles for Literacy.

The team of three has now become four, with Helen Samm, David Samm and Alan Ford welcoming Sheralyn Dobos as a fourth cycler and trip coordinator. These experienced cyclists are the engines of this endeavour, but without your support, their efforts might go unnoticed.

All children in Canada ought to have the opportunity to experience literacy and develop their skills from an early age. Our mission is to bring attention to literacy, particularly the importance of story telling and language arts development for young children. Our fund raising efforts support existing programs in Camrose that constantly struggle for funding.

Imagine a world where literacy is no longer an issue. Imagine a city where the busiest places are libraries and book stores. Imagine listening to all generations share their stories. Imagine watching children and their parents sharing a great story from the local paper. Imagine such a world...

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