Munsch a Bunch of Miles for Literacy

In 2006, we started riding long-distance bike relays to support literacy programs in Camrose, Alberta and the surrounding area. Our first tour was from Camrose to Winnipeg. We stopped at schools along the way to present information and stories about literacy. At each school we were able to leave an autographed copy of a Robert Munsch book, courtesy of our sponsor, author Robert Munsch. We have continued that tradition every year since.

In the past four years, we have cycled over 5,500km and presented our literacy message to more than 4000 students, parents and teachers.

Our goal is simple; to bring attention to literacy, particularly the importance of storytelling and language arts development for children. Our fundraising efforts support existing programs in the Camrose area that are constantly struggling for support.

In 2009, our ride was special! We both started and finished in Camrose. We cycled from Camrose to Fairview and back, a distance of more than 1,400km. Our trip began September 3, 2009 at Saint Patrick School with an enthusiastic send-off from the students. We returned to a "hero's" welcome September 11, 2009, at Sparling School with the students and supporters lining the streets as we arrived. We raised more than $9,000 and contributions continue to come in. It is NOT too late to Donate!

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